Unique Slovenian products that appeal to the soul and touch the heart


The story of Zakladi Slovenije began to mature as an idea in 2013 due to the realisation that many foreign tourists as well as domestic guests who visit a part of Slovenia outside their hometown want to take with them beautiful and precious memories. This desire can be realised by souvenirs that are usually available in tourist places, but we ourselves wanted to go much further and allow tourists to buy products that really carry a message and have a unique value.


These are products that are not created en masse: their creators are aware of their mission and, through their boutique offer, share a part of themselves, show local specialties, and at first glance, give something more.


Thus, the idea of aggregation and integration of the best Slovenian providers in the field of cuisine, handicrafts and souvenirs, which got its place in 2014 with the opening of the first branch of Zakladi Slovenije in Bled was born.


What comes from the heart goes to the heart...


Zakladi d.o.o. with the brand Zakladi Slovenije is a family company, where we emphasize authenticity, personal contact at every step and want to share a sense of hospitality. Everything we do is thus filled with these values. Each store of Zakladi Slovenije invites you to a very special world upon entry, where each product on the shelf tells its own story. When a visitor looks around the room, he experiences wealth, the uniqueness and the originality of our small country under the Alps, which has so much to offer.


We want you to feel welcome every time you visit and to take with you personal gifts and souvenirs that can speak beyond words.


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