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Slovenian gifts - Basket "Premium Gourmet Treasures"

Slovenian gifts - Basket


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A wonderful Slovenian gift

Slovenian gift Premium Gourmet Treasures includes: Poison olive oil 500ml, Piran salt 250g, Lušt tomatoes in pumpkin oil, dried mushrooms, pasta with piro, dried ostrich thigh

Premium Gourmet Treasures basket - Slovenian gifts with taste
LISJAK POISON olive oil is a new line that was created as a result of cooperation with the President of the WACS (World Association of Chef Societes) Thomas Andreas Gugler.

Gourmet LUŠT tomatoes dried and put in jars and topped with pumpkin oil. A great addition to pasta, salads, cold cuts, sandwiches and more and more.

The softest pieces of noble ostrich meat are rubbed with a mixture of salt and selected herbs. When the original flavors combine, they highlight the best notes of the unique taste of ostrich meat. The pieces are then matured in the air, gaining firmness, a characteristic dark color, and an unforgettable smell and taste. Ostrich dried thigh is a domestic specialty and a world rarity.

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