Through our actions, we nurture and support the homeland


We are aware that we can preserve and support the beauty of our homelandby always thinking about the environmental aspect in our daily activities. As an environmentally friendly company, we are looking for best practices at all stages of operation.


Our sales areas are made with an emphasis on natural materials , and we use bags and packaging made of recycled materials in the entire sales process. We also encourage our suppliers to take care of the environment.


Many products from our offer emphasize a sustainable note and are packed in environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, fabric, wicker baskets, laminate and other nature-friendly packaging.


We believe in the coexistence between man and the environment


We believe that with carefully selected products that boast sustainable certifications, we help remind of the importance of coexistence of man and nature. Many of our products demonstrate what can be born from this kind of coexistence and help pave the sustainable path  for future generations.

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