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Slovenian gifts - Basket "Steyer Treasures"

Slovenian gifts - Basket


The Slovenian basket of Styrian Treasures contains six items. Styrian pumpkin seed oil is one of the most representative Slovenian culinary gift, in the hamper you can also find other pumpkin delicacies and the geographically protected Ptuj onion.
Price with VAT:
90,00 €
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Basket Styrian Treasures - Slovenian gifts with taste

Wonderful Slovenian gifts

Contains: Styrian pumpkin seed oil 250ml, organic pumpkin seeds, pumpkin jam 245g, dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds 90g, dried tomatoes Lušt in pumpkin oil 125ml, minced Ptuj onion in a gift box, decorated with a wooden spoon.

The tradition of producing Styrian  pumpkin oil and the quality certificate guarantee you authenticity and true gourmet pleasure.

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