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Salt flower in a tube container, 125g

Salt flower in a tube container, 125g



Dimensions: height 11cm, diameter 8cm


Salt is a sea that could not go back to heaven


The salt flower is an extremely thin layer of salt that forms as a blanket on the surface of crystallization basins under specific weather conditions, in otherwise rare periods of no wind. The light crystals remain windless on the surface of the pools, from where they are picked up by salt workers by hand. In fact, they are carefully removed from the surface, just as we remove cream from the surface of milk - so we are dealing with sea salt cream.


Picking salt flowers is a painstaking job and the quantities of salt flowers collected are negligibly small compared to the quantities of salt produced in the same salt fields.


The salt flower of the Piran salt pans is distinguished by a large amount of minerals and a particularly pronounced taste and aroma. Culinary experts therefore acknowledge that it surpasses the quality of the world-renowned "la fleur de sel" variety. The salt flower is scarce, so it is valuable and more expensive than ordinary salt. Its crystals capture the smell of the sea, and the taste is aromatic and much less aggressive than ordinary salt.


Salt blossom is truly a gourmet specialty, which is used to advantage in excellent restaurants and is extremely appreciated. The content of microelements in the salt flower also has a beneficial effect on health.


Century old tradition of production of our Piran salt:


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